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Crashed Porsche Gives Cops Lead in Hit-and-Run
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If you crash your car, especially if it’s a unique kind of car like, let’s say… a Porsche, you may not want to avoid a hit-and-run. It’s probably going to be pretty easy to spot you, especially if there is a video going around of your horrible parking job.

A teen driver tried to park the $50,000 vehicle in a narrow garage and witness Scott Leaf caught the whole thing on tape and uploaded it to YouTube. You can see pretty clearly that the car bounces off the wall of the garage and at one point get stuck on a wall!

Eventually, the teen gets the car into the garage, but not before mucking up the undercarriage.

Now in a crazy set of circumstances, the cops were already searching for a car like this that was involved in a hit-and-run earlier in the day. Lucky for the cops this video caught their eye and they knew they had the lead they needed!

Turns out the son of the Porsche’s owner took the car out for a bit of a joyride without telling his parents. We’re starting to feel like this is going to turn into a Ferris Bueller story!

The Porsche hit a parked car earlier in the day and quickly drove away, but someone was able to grab the make of the car, as well as part of the plate number. Once the video was found by the cops, they were able to match the license plate in the video to what they were looking for and it quickly helped them identify the car and driver.

“We would have eventually connected all the dots, but the video made it so much simpler,” the cops said.

The cops were shocked by how poorly the teen was driving in the video and he clearly had no idea what he was doing.

Turns out the teen didn’t have a license, which is one of the reasons he fled from the scene of the crime. The cops, however, said that if he would have just stayed at the crash site, he would have been let off with a $213 ticket for driving without a license. Now he will be facing hefty costs from insurance and other tickets, as well!

Luckily for the teen, he will not be facing any criminal charges.

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Original Post: Botched Porsche Parking in viral video leads police to hit-and-run suspect

Image Credit: Screenshot: Scott Leaf/YouTube



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