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Cops Use Potato to Crack Arson Case
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Well, using a potato is one way to figure out who started the fire in an arson case! Just how they used it will blow your mind!

Willow Martin, 19, was caught red-handed for setting a fire to a masonry company because she left one key piece of evidence behind. A potato that she had stuffed into a van tailpipe!

Martin was charged with second-degree arson, third-degree burglary, possession of burglar’s tools, first-degree criminal mischief, attempted first-degree criminal mischief and five counts of conspiracy. Phew! That’s quite a rap sheet! She also was held on $110,000 bail.

Turns out it was all over a big falling out between two former BFF’s. Martin loaned her friend $1,200 over a year ago and the friend failed to pay it back. Martin was so upset over the situation that Martin set fire to a business owned by her former friend’s stepfather. Wow! That seems like a bit of an overreaction!

She didn’t do it very well, though, because she left behind a potato that was stuffed into the tailpipe of a van owned by the business. When the owner realized his business was on fire, he went to drive over, but found the potato in his van’s tailpipe at his house. He grabbed it and ended up taking it with him, where he gave it to the cops. The big break in the case came from the DNA they found on the potato!

Turns out the DNA came from a man named Matthew Garguilo, who just happens to be Martin’s boyfriend. After that, the puzzle pieces quickly came together, regarding who used gasoline to start the fire at the masonry business.

The boyfriend quickly caved under pressure and told the cops that Martin set the fire, but admitted that he was with her when it all went down. The funny part is that at the time of the fire, the friend had paid Martin back all of the money except about $300!

While Garguilo insisted he didn’t actually set the fire, he did go along with it because he was afraid that Martin would break up with him. A typical reason to go along with the plan of arson, right?!

Garguilo also ended up being charged in the crime and remains in jail on $20,000 bail. I bet he wishes Martin would have just broke up with him now!

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