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Cops: NY Mayor Stole 111 Road Signs
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Stealing road signs generally is reserved for high school and college kids who have nothing better to do. How else are they going to decorate their dorm rooms? But recently, the mayor of a town in New York State was arrested for stealing road signs.

Turns out Frank Moracco, 60, stole 111 road signs from the NYS Department of Transportation. While he wasn’t going on the side of the road and knocking them down, we’re still left wondering… 111 road signs?!

He was arrested and officially charged with Official Misconduct and Petit Larceny. Both are class “A” misdemeanors in the state of New York.

The arrest came after the State Police began investigating incidents dating back to July of 2015. In addition to being the Mayor, he was also the shop foreman for the NYS Department of Transportation office in his local community. But still… why?

Turns out he was using the road signs that he stole, which officially belonged to the NY State Department of Transportation, for the village in New York state that he was the mayor of. To think that the residents of this village thought that he was doing an amazing job at keeping costs down in their town, only to find out he had been stealing road signs for the street department the whole time!

Moracco will be sentenced soon and will more than likely just receive a slap on the wrist, since both charges are misdemeanors. His rank as mayor, though, is still up for discussion. Looks like he fancied himself a modern day Robin Hood!

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