Feb 13
Inmate’s Ceiling Escape Does Not End Well
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Some dumb criminals will never learn! Take this inmate, for example, who failed to escape from jail when he tried to climb to freedom through the ceiling. Unfortunately for this guy, he fell and landed directly into the booking room, instead. Oh karma. Turns out a group of inmates were in the process of being escorted back to their cells from the booking room when Blaze Ayers, 28, decided it was time to make a break. “Once he got into the ceiling, he started to make his way into the booking area,” the police said. Video showed that some ceiling…
Feb 11
Machete-Wielding Trucker Gets Highway Shut Down
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Things got a little wild in Mississippi when a truck driver created a standoff between himself and police, all while he swung around a machete. He should have been careful, though, because there is nothing like bringing traffic to a stand-still that will cause some real road rage! The truck driver got into it with a fellow 18-wheeler. Witnesses claimed he was driving his rig recklessly on the interstate and deputies were finally able to get him to pull over, but not without him refusing to come out of his big rig. He did, however, bring out his machete! Because…
Feb 9
Man Uses Scooter During Bank Robbery
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If you’re going to rob a bank, doesn’t it make sense to have a solid getaway vehicle lined up that isn’t going to get you busted right away? One would think so, but this guy didn’t get that memo when he robbed a bank in Austin, Texas recently. A man robbed a bank in downtown Austin, but when he left he didn’t exactly think things through very well. He rented a ‘Jump’ scooter outside of the bank, which helped police to be led to his exact location. The suspect entered the bank, handed an employee a note and walked out…
Jan 27
Unpaid Worker Wreaks Revenge on Newly Built Hotel
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When you don’t pay the people who work on your new hotel, you better be ready for them to take matters into their own hands! That’s what happened over in Liverpool when a man who was not paid his wages used a machine to destroy the newly built Travelodge hotel he had helped put together… the day it was set to open! “The handover was today, everything completed, we’d put the last tile in, cleaned up and made sure everything was perfect,” another worker told a newspaper. “Then some idiot in a mini digger decided to drive through the middle…
Jan 23
Hot Tub Fight Turns Leads to Ear Biting
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Things took a turn for the worse REAL fast for this guy who had a large chunk of his ear bitten off by another man, who took a page right out of Mike Tyson’s Playbook! Bryan David Boyak, 43, and another man had been chatting in a hot tub when things escalated fast. The temperature soared when the conversation turned to large corporations and conspiracy theories. An “extremely heated” argument quickly escalated, which led the victim to locking Boyak out of the house they were in. Boyak began hitting the front of the house with patio furniture until the victim…
Jan 20
Online Dater gets Court Date Instead of Actual Date After Sharing Her Deer Killing Story
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It’s all fun and games when you’re playing around with online dating… that is, until you make someone mad who happens to have the authority to have you arrested for an illegal activity! A woman was on a dating app when she shared her excitement about shooting a “big buck,” which, unfortunately for her, wasn’t legal. Soon, she would find herself being saddled with a big ol’ fine because of her bragging. The woman was particularly excited, because it was the first deer she had ever shot, but she didn’t know her potential boyfriend on the dating app was a…
Jan 14
Lawyer Implies Coat May be to Blame for 0.151% Blood Alcohol Concentration
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This lawyer is working hard to get a woman freed from her drunk driving arrest by claiming that his client’s coat-chewing was to blame for the high results of her breathalyzer! Jana Moschgat, 47, was pulled over for suspected drunk driving earlier in the year. She smelled of alcohol and failed a field sobriety test. As suspected, her blood-alcohol level was 0.151 percent, nearly twice the legal limit. But things took a big turn in court when an officer testified that Moschgat was nibbling on her coat before he gave her the breath test, which is when he ordered her…
Jan 11
Prowler Licks Doorbell for 3 Hours
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Everyone these days are installing outdoor front porch cameras. In a world where people continue to steal packages right under a homeowner’s nose, who could be blamed for taking extra security precautions? We’re pretty sure that nobody expected a surveillance camera to capture the habits of this prowler. Instead of attempting to steal anything from the home, he simply spent three LONG hours licking the doorbell over and over again. Say what?! “I thought I’d seen it all, but this takes the cake,” a neighbor told the media. Roberto Daniel Arroyo was caught in the act of licking the doorbell…
Jan 8
Guy Escapes Prison, Gets Caught at Taco Bell
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If you’re going to escape from prison, chances are you should probably stay out of the public eye for a bit! That is, unless you want to get busted right away. Shalom Mandoza, 21, found this out the hard way! He was in prison at San Quentin when he simply walked away from a prison work crew and didn’t look back! We’re not sure how none of the guards realized what was happening, but Mandoza figured it was his lucky day. After escaping, he was spotted at other locations for a few days, but was never apprehended… until he headed…
Jan 5
Thieves Steal Tiny House
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Thieves recently stole a tiny house in the St. Louis area. However, an anonymous tipster helped the police find the house and a local towing company was in the process of taking it back to the owner, free of charge, in light of the recently holidays. The tiny home’s owner, Meghan Panu, had spent over two years and over $20,000 crafting the tiny home, which she planned to make her primary residence in the upcoming months. She recently had the house parked near a corner, where she believes someone came up, hitched onto it and drove away in the overnight…