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Butt Dial Gets Adults Busted at Teen Party
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When you’re drinking with a bunch of minors, it’s only fitting that they are the ones to get you busted! A party was broken up when a kid accidentally pocket-dialed 911. When they showed up to the residence, they found an underage drinking party in full effect! Talk about irony and karma!

A teen called police on accident, where a dispatcher could hear yelling, along with arguing on the other end of the phone. But nobody was talking. Soon, the call was disconnected.

Police, using cellphone towers, found the location. When they pulled into the driveway, Leighlon Anderson, 45, came running out to let the cops know everything was fine and it was an accidental call.

But because of the call, which sounded like someone could have been in distress, the cops investigated and then realized an underage party was underway.

Anderson was soon charged with furnishing/allowing minors to consume alcohol. The police quickly cleared the residence and left the scene.

Imagine their surprise when they received another call in the middle of the night stating that a male had pointed a gun at the minors at the party! The man being Joseph David Coreau, 36. When police returned, they found him hiding in the attic.

Police had to evacuate the home again. They had the whole residence surrounded while waiting for a Special Response team to arrive.

Evidently, Coreau was mad when he found out that the cops had originally been called by the butt dial from one of the minors. He was so mad, in fact, that he retrieved a gun and pointed it at one of the minors before heading to the attic.

He was charged with criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon and taken to jail, where he was held on $5,000 bail.

Luckily, there were no injuries, but police did end up retrieving three loaded guns from the attic where Coreau was hiding.

Sounds like quite the party!

Original article: After 911 ‘Butt’ Call, York Police Raid Underage Party, Return to Arrest Man in Attic

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