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Burglary Victim Makes Teen Suspect Call 911… on Himself
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Now this is how you deal with young, impressionable criminals! Catch them in the act and then force them to call 911 on themselves for the attempted crime. Bravo!

This homeowner caught three 14-year-old boys burglarizing his home. He wasn’t going to take it lightly, though, and instead of calling 911 himself, he made one of the boys do it.

All of the boys were taken to the local juvenile detention facility on several charges including burglary II, criminal trespassing and marijuana possession.

The homeowner thought he heard something suspicious, so he armed himself and went looking around the house, when he found the boys burglarizing his home. Things could have gotten so much worse, but when he realized that the three boys were just kids, he told one of the teens to call and report the burglary in progress himself. Thank goodness nobody was shot!

One of the suspects was supposed to be babysitting his 8-year-old sister when he was off robbing this home. Luckily, she was fine and wasn’t hurt, either.

What a powerful lessons for these young lads! Hopefully it sets them straight for the future!

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Original Post: Man Catches Teens Breaking Into House Makes Them Call 911 To Report Themselves

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