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Burglar Breaks into Home, Rents it Out
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A man is currently facing charges after he broke into a home and created an elaborate scheme to swindle renters out of money.

Matthew Robert Paul, 35, is facing charges including theft and obtaining a signature by deception. About a year ago, he broke into a home, knowing that the owners were on an extended vacation in Mexico.

Instead of stealing anything, though, he started moving stuff in! He hung framed pictures of himself on the wall, lit the fireplace and even checked references to appear legit to rent out the house to victims.

He simply found the spare key and made himself at home! Police still aren’t quite sure how he knew the owners were gone for an extended period of time.

Paul told neighbors that he was a family friend who was simply house sitting, so nobody questioned it. Neighbors said he even seemed like a normal guy, who befriended everyone and was well-liked.

However, when it was moving day for one of the victims, Paul was nowhere to be found. Eventually, investigators came knocking too.

It was quickly determined that Paul asked a man to cash checks from his “renters” in exchange for drugs. He swindled 5 people out of “rent” money that they thought they were giving over for a new place to live. When it was all said and done, victims paid him around $6,000. The suspect also ended up stealing thousands of dollars of electronics and damaged the property, as well.

Just another public service announcement – hiding keys should be handled with great care, because you never know who will find it when you happen to be gone!

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