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Buddhist Monk is Philly’s Newest Crimefighter
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This is What we Would Call a Bulletproof Monk!

A Buddhist monk was at a lottery machine inside of a Philadelphia gas when a man robbed him of his wallet. But he wasn’t going down without a fight! He chased after the robber and was able to grab hold of his assailant, all of which was caught on video. It didn’t end exactly that well, though.

The Monk chased the robber and was pushed to the ground after momentarily apprehending him. That still didn’t stop him, though. He quickly got right back up and chased the suspect to his car window, where, in the video, it looks like he is trying to prevail to the robber’s better nature. It doesn’t seem to have worked, though, as the robber quickly drove off.

The Monk, 61, was dress in an orange robe, as is traditional for Buddhist Monks, when he was robbed. While he was standing at the lottery machine, the robber creeped up on his side, stole his wallet, and took all $350 out of it, which he had in his hands at the time of the robbery. The police are asking for help in identifying this man who robbed a poor Monk.

Evidently nobody has told this guy about a thing called Karma!

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