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Bigamy Charges Filed After Wife Finds Telltale Receipt
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One never expects to find out that their spouse is married to someone else! But that is exactly what happened to this woman. As soon as she figured out the puzzle, she had no qualms about ratting her church deacon husband out to the cops!

Arturo Reid, 65, was arrested on bigamy charges after his wife of TWELVE years discovered that he was married to another woman. Talk about the ultimate betrayal!

Reid’s wife contacted the cops after she found a receipt from a Marriage License Bureau, that listed Reid as the ‘payor’ on a marriage application.

The cops soon determined that Reid had married the other woman soon after, in a ceremony that was performed by a judge.   

Even more shocking? Photos on his Facebook page showed pictures of him snuggling with someone who was NOT his original wife. He even was so bold to call her “my wife” “my love” and “the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Reid was arrested and arraigned, where he was released on $2,500 bail. No word yet on if the second wife knew about the first.

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