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Bad Paint Job Doesn’t Hide Thief’s Rare Stolen Car
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This guy thought it would be as simple as stealing a one-of-a-kind car and hiding it by covering it in black paint. And doing a bad job of it, as well!

The yellow 1966 Ford GT40 replica went missing from the car’s owner recently. “I went to get it out of the storage shed, and it was gone,” Steve Salasek, the owner, said.

Luckily, because it was such an easy car to spot, the cops were able to quickly find and arrest Patrick Allen Chamberlain after he was seen driving the car. But it wasn’t yellow anymore. He attempted to disguise the car by painting it black… pretty badly

“It was painted black, looks like with a roller, but otherwise was undamaged,” Salasek said.

Police knew they had their man when residents spotted bits of the car’s original yellow color sticking through the bad paint job, and called police to help track it down.

“If it hadn’t been for the community’s involvement and interest in this story, we probably would not have found the car,” police said.

That being said, since it was such a unique car for the area, it probably was the only car of it’s kind anywhere around.

Chamberlin was charged with theft, possession of a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia and several traffic offenses.

Hopefully this beauty of a car will be restored back to its original glory sooner rather than later!

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Original Post: Thief Used Crude Paint Job to Disguise Rare Stolen Car

Image Credit: Screen capture/KCCI/Inform Inc.

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