Apr 3
Uber Driver Drops Customer Off at Airport, Goes Back to Rob House
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You just don’t know who you can trust these days! This customer needed a lift to the airport and clearly thought that Uber was the best way to make that happen. They definitely didn’t anticipate the driver coming back to their house after they were dropped off to break in! Jackie Gordon Wilson dropped his riders off at the airport and headed back to their home to attempt to break in. He didn’t get too far, though, as an alarm started sounding and the entire attempt was recorded by the home’s doorbell camera. People just aren’t thinking about the new…
Apr 1
This is the Most Swedish Arrest Ever
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Only a criminal in Sweden would be arrested in a Swedish sauna! An off-duty policeman who was just trying to relax, ended up arresting the naked fugitive! The policeman wasn’t on-the-clock and was enjoying a nice naked steam in a Stockholm sauna when he realized he was sitting next to a man who was a drug offender on the run. What are the odds?! Luckily, the officer was able to keep a cool head, despite the heat, and was able to take action without anyone getting hurt. While it could have potentially been dangerous, since the fugitive had also been…
Mar 31
Teen’s Plan to Get to Six Flags is a Flop
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A teen from New York City went for a little joyride recently when he stole a taxi and attempted to drive to Six Flags. He didn’t make it too far, though, and was arrested in New Jersey. Little did he know that it was all for nothing, since the park wasn’t even open yet for the season! Talk about not doing your recon before committing a crime! The cops received a tip that the taxi was stolen early in the morning and was quickly tracked down by a GPS device that was located in the cab. When the police responded…
Mar 23
He Ordered One TV But Got Two. Now, He’s Under Arrest
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Imagine this man’s surprise when he ordered a TV online, had it delivered, and instead of receiving one TV, he was sent TWO! Unfortunately for him, though, he didn’t report the error and was eventually arrested for keeping the extra flat screen TV. Nick Memmo, 35, was arrested for larceny and misleading a police officer. It all started when he purchased a 74-inch flat screen TV on Amazon and the third-party shipping company delivered it, along with another larger model by mistake! The shipping company soon figured out their error and attempted to contact Memmo numerous times to get the…
Mar 19
New Tool for Prison Contraband: T-Shirt Gun
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A woman who was recently released from prison this past January is back behind bars after taking a unique approach to getting some of her old friends still in jail some contraband. How? By shooting it all over the prison fence with a t-shirt gun! Someone saw someone launch a package over the fence near a housing unit at the prison and the facility quickly went in lockdown mode. Police followed the suspect and quickly caught up with her not far from the prison. Kerri Jo Hickman was arrested and booked her into the county jail for introducing contraband into…
Mar 15
Unicorn’s Less Than Magical Morning: Theft, Craft and Hospital
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A man dressed up in a unicorn costume in order to rob a Baltimore area convenience store and was arrested soon after the armed robbery. He had an accomplice that was with him, as well. Jacob William Rogge, 28, and Joseph Philip Svezzese, 27, were charged with armed robbery of a convenience store. Rogge donned a full-body pink and white unicorn costume, while wielding a crowbar to smash open the cash register. Police were quickly called to the scene and found the discarded costume, which was taken into custody as evidence. Rogge fled the scene with cash and cigarettes, along…
Mar 12
Shoplifter Drinks Six-Pack of Beer in Target Dressing Room
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A shoplifter in California took full advantage of her loot recently, when she headed to a dressing room to enjoy the fruits of her labor! Elysia Johnson recently stole several items from a Target. She placed multiple items in her shopping cart and also grabbed a six-pack of Stella Artois beer. But instead of heading out the door, she then headed for the changing room! She stayed in the dressing room for over an hour, drinking all six of the beers, than headed out of the store without paying for anything that she had in her cart. The store’s loss…
Mar 10
Messed up Food Delivery Leads to Confrontation with Gun
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You just never know what kind of quality food you’re going to get when you head to a fast food restaurant. Most people know they aren’t exactly getting 5-star cuisine, but this mom and daughter in Minnesota were so mad about the quality of their fast food that they headed back to a Domino’s Pizza with a handgun! Holly Jo Robinson, 59, and her daughter, Lakia Michaelene Robinson, 20, were eventually arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of aggravated robbery and making terroristic threats. Lakia was released later in the same day because of insufficient evidence, but mommy dearest…
Mar 7
Dog and Cat Start Fire After Space Heater is Knocked Over in Brawl
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A poor guy is homeless after his cat and dog got into a fight and knocked over an electric space heater onto a pile of blankets recently in Indianapolis. The man said the fire “took off quickly and by the time he got everyone evacuated, the back porch was fully engulfed.” When firefighters finally arrived, they started an aggressive offensive attack and the blaze was under control in about half an hour. The home didn’t have any working smoke alarms, so the man is very lucky that he saw what was happening right away and was able to get everyone…
Mar 4
Man Faked Abduction to Get Out of Super Bowl Payout
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This guy went to extreme lengths to avoid paying out the winners in his Super Bowl pool! Instead of forking over the dough, he tied himself up to look like he was abducted and robbed of $16,000! Robert A. Brandel, 60, made up a big whopper of being abducted and robbed because he didn’t want to pay out the winners of his Super Bowl squares pool, which he also was scamming people in. He had a $50,000 Super Bowl squares pool, made up numerous names on the squares, in the hope of eventually winning and keeping most of the winnings…