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Angry Driver Disrupts Police Camera from Clocking Speeds With an Umbrella
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People felt all sorts of emotions when it came to a man blocking a police camera with an umbrella recently.

By holding the umbrella in front of a police camera, he was able to stop motorists from getting caught if they were traveling too fast.

In the video, he’s seen holding up a black umbrella in front of the camera, while passing motorists had differing opinions on his methods.

Some were egging the prankster on by yelling, “Yes! That’s what we like to see!”

But not everyone was so excited by what he was doing. Another passerby yelled out, “There’s a school up there mate and you’re sitting here.”

Some were also upset that he was going to be potentially taking away fines that could help the area, as well. And others were just plain worried about his safety, stating that it was dangerous to be standing there and obscuring drivers’ views.

Online, it has also sparked a bit of a controversy, with some calling the man ‘a hero’ while others say his actions were just dumb and dangerous.

“It’s not about the money, it’s about the law and safety of the public. If you don’t want to get fined, don’t break the law and speed, putting yourself and others at risk. It’s as simple as that,” one man shared.

Another man said, “A lot more dangerous stuff is happening on the roads than going a bit over the limit. Speed is easy to go after, but the more dangerous stuff is not.”

The man had defenders, though, who also thought the police camera was nothing but a ploy to catch people. “That kind of act is hunting for money, nothing else. Doesn’t save lives, doesn’t make traffic safer any bit at all. Just sends the bill.”

It also appears that many thought the police car that held the camera was parked illegally, making it a danger, too. While it’s not clear if it was actually parked illegally, the police have said that there are always exceptions for parking laws in some circumstances for emergency vehicles.


Original article: Disgruntled Driver Stands in Front of a Police Camera with an Umbrella to Stop it Clocking Speeding Motorists

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