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All of City’s Snow Plows Sabotaged With Latex Gloves
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Officials in a city in New York were unable to clean up the streets because some punk broke all of the snowplow and salt trucks! Not a good thing when there has been so much snow recently!

The suspects entered a public works garage in the evening, recently, and stuffed latex gloves in all of the gas tanks of the Mount Vernon, NY municipal trucks. “It’s a direct attack on the people of Mount Vernon,” the mayor said. “We aren’t going to be intimidated and we will catch whoever is responsible for this act of hate against the people of this city.”

Two city trucks went out to start clearing the streets and soon broke down, which is when officials discovered that the vandalism had taken place. They found the gloves in the gas tanks and realized that all of the rest of the city trucks had plastic gloves in their tanks, as well.

In total, 16 garbage trucks along with 13 snow blows, 29 trucks in total, had been tampered with. Luckily, the county officials sent in additional crews to help clear the tanks and begin snow removal in the city.

Many of the large trucks were quickly repaired and were back on the road in a matter of hours, when snow really started to become problematic in the area.

In the meantime, the city asked residents to limit their travel while workers attempted to catch up on salting and plowing the city roads. Plowing was delayed for several hours because of the vandalism and streets began to become unsafe to travel on.

Sounds like Mount Vernon has been under the gun recently with being sabotaged, as this wasn’t the only incident. About a month ago, a fake pipe bomb was found in the City Hall. As soon as the building was cleared, someone also set a fire to a file cabinet in one of the offices, as well. The Mayor doesn’t think these are random attacks and believes these incidents are linked to one another.

Hopefully they find who is responsible soon and we hope the suspect doesn’t get his streets plowed!

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