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27 Rabbits Abandoned at Train Station
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Authorities recently rescued more than two dozen domestic rabbits that were found dumped near a Long Island Train Station. Poor little bunnies!

The animals were seen hopping near the station and volunteers worked into the evening to collect all of the bunnies.

Twenty-five were saved the first day, with three more found the following day. Unfortunately, one appeared to have old injuries and died after it was saved. The domestic animals otherwise would certainly have faced death, since they were ill-equipped to survive in the wild, let alone a train station!

“I don’t think any of them would have survived. They would have all died. Doing something like this is not only illegal, it’s immoral. I can’t express how important it is for people to understand that this is cruel and will not be tolerated,” a representative from the Prevention of Animal Cruelty office said.

Some of the bunnies were covered with feces, suggesting that they had been kept in horrible conditions before they were abandoned at the train station.

“It could have been a hoarder, it could have been a rabbit breeder that went bad. We don’t know,” the representative continued.

Four local animal groups aided in the rescue: Guardians of Rescue, Strong Island Animal Rescue, Long Island Orchestrating for Nature and All About Rabbit Rescue. Now, they are working to get the animals healthy before adopting them out.

The groups all came together and are offering a combined reward of $3,500 for information that leads to an arrest and conviction of whoever may be responsible for this.

Original article: Dozens of Rabbits Abandoned near LIRR Station

image credit: Suffolk County SPCA / Facebook

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