Apr 3
Uber Driver Drops Customer Off at Airport, Goes Back to Rob House
3 Apr, 2019. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: admin
You just don’t know who you can trust these days! This customer needed a lift to the airport and clearly thought that Uber was the best way to make that happen. They definitely didn’t anticipate the driver coming back to their house after they were dropped off to break in! Jackie Gordon Wilson dropped his riders off at the airport and headed back to their home to attempt to break in. He didn’t get too far, though, as an alarm started sounding and the entire attempt was recorded by the home’s doorbell camera. People just aren’t thinking about the new…
Apr 1
This is the Most Swedish Arrest Ever
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Only a criminal in Sweden would be arrested in a Swedish sauna! An off-duty policeman who was just trying to relax, ended up arresting the naked fugitive! The policeman wasn’t on-the-clock and was enjoying a nice naked steam in a Stockholm sauna when he realized he was sitting next to a man who was a drug offender on the run. What are the odds?! Luckily, the officer was able to keep a cool head, despite the heat, and was able to take action without anyone getting hurt. While it could have potentially been dangerous, since the fugitive had also been…