Feb 27
All of City’s Snow Plows Sabotaged With Latex Gloves
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Officials in a city in New York were unable to clean up the streets because some punk broke all of the snowplow and salt trucks! Not a good thing when there has been so much snow recently! The suspects entered a public works garage in the evening, recently, and stuffed latex gloves in all of the gas tanks of the Mount Vernon, NY municipal trucks. “It’s a direct attack on the people of Mount Vernon,” the mayor said. “We aren’t going to be intimidated and we will catch whoever is responsible for this act of hate against the people of…
Feb 23
Couple Enjoys Time in Hot Tub Until Husband Traps Her and She Dies
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We’re not quite sure what to make of this one! A man in Illinois has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after allegedly closing the lid of a hot tub on his wife, who was unable to get out on her own. Eric Huska, 58, along with his wife Laura, 57, seemed to be enjoying an afternoon in their backyard hot tub recently, which can be seen on home security footage. Things took a dramatic turn soon after, though. The footage shows the couple enjoying some cocktails, with Eric getting out of the hot tub soon after. When Laura unsuccessfully tried…
Feb 17
Plea to Tree Thieves: Please Water the Bonsai!
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The fifth-generation owner of a bonsai shop in Tokyo recently had seven tree stolen from their garden and the owners are pleading for their return. For decades, a 400-year-old Japanese bonsai tree had been shaped, watered and cared for like it was a priceless piece of art. And, unfortunately in the wrong hands, it could die within a week. We never knew bonsai trees were so finicky! Seiji Iimura, 54, says that a 33-inch tall tree was among seven that were stolen, but this one in particular is near and dear to the owner’s heart. All together, the stolen trees…
Feb 13
Inmate’s Ceiling Escape Does Not End Well
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Some dumb criminals will never learn! Take this inmate, for example, who failed to escape from jail when he tried to climb to freedom through the ceiling. Unfortunately for this guy, he fell and landed directly into the booking room, instead. Oh karma. Turns out a group of inmates were in the process of being escorted back to their cells from the booking room when Blaze Ayers, 28, decided it was time to make a break. “Once he got into the ceiling, he started to make his way into the booking area,” the police said. Video showed that some ceiling…
Feb 11
Machete-Wielding Trucker Gets Highway Shut Down
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Things got a little wild in Mississippi when a truck driver created a standoff between himself and police, all while he swung around a machete. He should have been careful, though, because there is nothing like bringing traffic to a stand-still that will cause some real road rage! The truck driver got into it with a fellow 18-wheeler. Witnesses claimed he was driving his rig recklessly on the interstate and deputies were finally able to get him to pull over, but not without him refusing to come out of his big rig. He did, however, bring out his machete! Because…
Feb 9
Man Uses Scooter During Bank Robbery
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If you’re going to rob a bank, doesn’t it make sense to have a solid getaway vehicle lined up that isn’t going to get you busted right away? One would think so, but this guy didn’t get that memo when he robbed a bank in Austin, Texas recently. A man robbed a bank in downtown Austin, but when he left he didn’t exactly think things through very well. He rented a ‘Jump’ scooter outside of the bank, which helped police to be led to his exact location. The suspect entered the bank, handed an employee a note and walked out…