Dec 27
Man Gets Fired up Over Wife’s Music
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This hubby was absolutely done listening to his wife’s loud music. Instead of acting like a rational person and asking her to turn it down, he decided it would be better if he shot his wife’s laptop that was playing the music. Overkill?! After the incident happened, which was around 2 a.m. in the morning when everyone makes their best decisions, police dispatched 16 units to the scene over the course of four hours! Gary Lykins, 44, barricaded himself within the residence and refused to come out, which caused the long duration of police assistance needed. He was eventually arrested…
Dec 24
Red-Nosed Burglar Caught Red-Handed on Tape
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A woman was recently seen on video wearing a portion of a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer costume while she was committing a burglary. Only during the Christmas season would someone commit a crime with a reindeer costume on! The costume covered her head and face, but she eventually took the costume off in order to see what she was doing. Unbeknownst to her, this is when the surveillance camera got a good look at her face! She stole several items and initially had gotten away, but police are hoping that by sharing some of the video, someone will be…
Dec 21
Shopper Accidentally Steals Car
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When a shopper mistakenly took the wrong car from a business, they returned it quickly and even topped it off with a full tank of gas! How does that even happen?! Recently, the police responded to a 911 call from a woman who called about her vehicle being stolen. She claimed that she parked her car beside a car that looked identical to hers and went about her shopping. But when she came back, her car was gone! As it turns out, the other shopper simply got confused, climbed in the wrong car and drove off. The police said that…
Dec 19
Grease Vent Proves to be a Grease Trap for California Man
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Who knows why a 29-year-old decided to climb into a Chinese restaurant, strip off his clothes and slide down the greasy vent wearing only a thin T-shirt. Because the restaurant had been closed for some time, he surely didn’t think he was going to rob it, did he? The police are still trying to sort out what happened but everyone agrees that the man has been “less than truthful about his true intentions.” Based on him being pretty slender and the viscosity of the walls he was going to slide down, he clearly thought he was going to slide right…
Dec 17
Gun Reported Stolen Back in 1990 Found in Police Officer’s Locker
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A police officer in Seattle was clearing space above his locker when he came across a heavy duffel bag. Imagine his surprise when he ended up opening it and found plastic bins containing 19 knives, 10 handguns and countless ammunition! He turned the bag in and it turned out that one of the guns had been reported stolen in the area way back in 1990! After some research at the department, it was determined that the duffel bag had been sitting on top of that neighboring locker for at least seven years! On the neighboring locker was the name “MATSUMOTO.”…
Dec 15
Shoplifting Woman Hard to Miss with Unique Tattoos
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A woman in Ohio is facing theft and drug-related charges after a recent shoplifting arrest at a Walmart. However, it’s her tattoos that are really making the headlines! Police were recently called to a Walmart when an employee saw a woman stealing a bag while leaving the store. Alyssa Zebrasky, 27, was found soon after by police and was arrested. The cops also found a hypodermic needle and baggies containing methamphetamine and a Suboxone pill, all which Zebrasky immediately admitted to. What really has turned her into an online sensation, however, are the unique facial tattoos that she has. Luckily,…
Dec 12
Cop Arrested After Accused of Stealing Cash From Suspect
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In a world of corruption, it’s never a good feeling to hear a story about a police officer who has been accused of stealing more than $1,000 from someone she arrested a couple months ago! Now, the officer herself, has been arrested, as well. Officer Nicole Palladino faces charges of grand theft, official misconduct and possession of a controlled substance. Back in October, Palladino responded to a call about a driver who fell asleep at the wheel at a stoplight and wasn’t moving. The driver was still asleep when she showed up, and had the car in drive with their…
Dec 9
Man Named Luke Sky Walker Ends Up In Jail
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First of all, if your last name is Walker and you end up naming your child Luke, with the middle name of Sky, you’re a genius. Unfortunately, the force was not with this particular Luke Sky Walker when he was arrested in Tennessee. Walker, 21, was arrested on charges of violating probation and quickly found himself in the slammer. He was on probation in connection with a felony theft charge and is now being held without bond at the local jail. Can he just use his jedi mind tricks to escape?! So what was his original crime? He was arrested…
Dec 3
Teens Caught Joyriding – in a Stolen Plane
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Who expected a 14 and 15-year-old to have the know-how to not only steal a plane from a small hanger, but also fly and land it, as well! They are lucky to be alive! These two boys stole, flew and landed a small plane in Utah before they were taken into custody. And on top of it, it was Thanksgiving Day! It is believed the two boys left a group home the week before, and were staying with friends a few hours away. On Thanksgiving morning, the teens found a tractor at their friends’ home and drove it to a…
Dec 3
Mayor on Village’s Speeding Violations: ‘It’s Really Madness’
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There is a tiny village in Northern Italy that has had a bit of a speeding problem, so the mayor got fed up with it and installed speed cameras to get some proof! After only two weeks, the cameras caught more than 58,000 speeding incidents! That’s quite a large number for a small, quaint Italian town with about 120 residents. The speed limit through the small Italian community of Acquetico is 50 kph, which translates into about 31 mph. However, since the speed cameras were installed, the highest speed clocked was nearly 135 kph, or about 84 mph! Yikes! Based…