Oct 29
Crooked Researcher Avoids Jail, but Must Play Piano
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A big wig neurologist researcher at Yale and NYU narrowly avoided prison time recently for stealing research funds, but a judge did sentence him to playing piano for indigent elderly people to make up for it. Even trade, right?! Dr. Alexander Neumeister was handed out the unusual sentence and must now play piano an hour at least twice a week for the next three years at four different group facilities in the area. It’s definitely better than sitting behind bars! Neumeister pled guilty and admitted to stealing $87,000 from NYU and various grant programs between 2012 and 2014. He was…
Oct 24
Dirty Dancing Reenactment Scene in Liquor Store Ends in Arrest
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A 24-year-old woman was arrested for public intoxication  in a liquor store recently for causing a disturbance. No, she didn’t start a fight or anything like that. She just tried to reenact a scene from the movie Dirty Dancing. Sounds like it didn’t go too well, though! Cindy Barrientos, 24, and Mary Crombie, 25, headed to the liquor store around 8pm to purchase more alcohol but the store’s manager thought they already had quite enough. The manager refused to serve the ladies and they were told to leave the business. At first they left, but they must have thought that…
Oct 23
Classmate Spikes Boy’s Drink With Viagra
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A recent class trip got a little wild when a boy had his drink spiked with Viagra by a classmate! The kids were on a six-day trip to Germany when the incident happened. Eighty kids were on the trip, where they were learning about the Cold War and the Holocaust. Things definitely got a little icy between these two after this nasty prank! The 15-year-old was mortified when he realized what happened and his Dad was appalled to learn of the school’s reaction once everything came to light. Word even traveled to another school and the boy is suffering from…
Oct 18
Thieves Steal Entire Lead Roof From Church
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Talk about some audacious thieves! These guys went to all of the work to steal a whole lot of lead  from a church. About 20 tons of lead were stolen from a church over “a prolonged period of time” and nobody seemed to even notice until it was too late! Police believe the thieves posed as tradesmen to gain access to the roof and unfortunately, insurance will not cover the repair costs. It will now cost the church tens of thousands of dollars to fix what the thieves demolished. “I don’t know how we are going to pay for it.…
Oct 15
Mom Goes on Crime Spree, Takes Teenage Son With Her
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This mom definitely isn’t going to be up for mom-of-the-year anytime soon! April Calkins, 38, was arrested on burglary charges, but also faces charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor… which happened to be her 13-year-old son. Turns out she took him along on her crime sprees multiple times, stealing things like clothes and bullets. The boy confessed to police that his mom had taken him on more than a hundred burglaries in the area, but started to refuse to go with her once he realized what she was doing. Mommy dearest would have gotten away with everything,…
Oct 10
Woman Lives with Mom’s Body out of ‘Curiosity’
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A woman recently kept her dead mom’s body in her home for months after she had died, because she was “curious about the stages of death,” the police report. Flashback to the movie Psycho anyone?! Donna Sue Hudgins, 69, went to a funeral home to report that her mother, Nellie May Hudgins, 93, had passed away, but she wasn’t sure where the emergency responders had taken the body. The employees worked on trying to figure out where the woman was, but they were unsuccessful, which is when they contacted the police department. Officers were dispatched to the home and found…
Oct 8
PreSchool Teachers Zip-Tie Hands of Children Behind Backs
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Two pre-K teachers were accused of zip-tying children's’ hands behind their back as a form of punishment. Both teachers have since resigned, but that doesn’t stop the allegations involving a 4-year-old from still being front and center. “It just breaks my heart that I can’t send my child to school and for her to be safe, learn and get an education,” said one of the mothers who asked to not be named. The alleged incident happened to her daughter, as well as another student, and the school didn’t address the issue until 2 days later. The two preschoolers also told…
Oct 3
Old Faithful Stunt Gets Visitor Arrested
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In a true story of about the stupidest stunt we’ve ever heard of, a man recently walked out to the cone of Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park and attempted to put his feet in the geyser and didn’t follow the rules of staying away from the 200 degree pit! He could have disintegrated before everyone’s eyes! “This is the park service. Get on the boardwalk!” said a park ranger with Yellowstone National Park after seeing the man in a restricted area. A witness who was waiting for the geyser to erupt caught it all on video, where the man…
Oct 1
Man Puts His Child into Game Machine to Steal Prizes
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We don’t know about you, but we’ve never been overly impressed with prizes that are found in game machines. Whether it be the claw game, or any other, generally there isn’t anything in there that is too important! So it makes this story even crazier knowing that a father put his child in harm’s way over worthless prizes in a game machine! A teacher, Anthony Helinski, 34, was put on leave this week after turning himself over to the cops for putting his toddler inside a game machine at a shopping mall. All he wanted were the prizes inside, but…