Sep 24
Man Pretended to Have Down Syndrome in Order to Hire Caregivers to Change Him
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In one of the most disturbing stories we’ve seen in awhile, a man in Arizona is facing felony sex abuse charges. Why? Because he faked having Down Syndrome in order to trick female caregivers into bathing him and changing diapers that he used. Paul Anthony Menchaca, 31, was arrested at his home and charged with three counts of felony sexual abuse, along with one count of fraudulent schemes. A woman named “Amy” posted ads online looking for a caregiver to help with her son. She needed someone who was okay with bathing and changing diapers for her son, who she…
Sep 21
Police Officer Arrested for Drunk Driving
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A police station had the unpleasant task of announcing that one of their own had been arrested and charged with drunk driving. Never a good thing! On top of it, the deputy in question, Steven Walker, also stars in the A&E TV show “LivePD”, which features the police department in question. Recently, Walker was arrested by a neighboring community police officer for driving under the influence. Officers found him standing in front of his Honda Accord, which had heavy front-end damage. A second car was also heavily damaged at the scene. The owner of the car that Walker hit, Justin…
Sep 18
Florida Man Allegedly Gives Woman ‘Wet Willy’, is Arrested
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A police officer responded to a domestic disturbance call in Florida, but he certainly wasn’t expecting to come across what he found! The victim told the officer that she had come home from work and her boyfriend, who also lives at the residence, was drunk and sleeping on the floor in the living room. When he awoke, the two began arguing and her boyfriend became extremely rude. OK, still no crime has been committed to call the police. The woman decided to leave the home with her daughter to let her boyfriend cool off, but he ended up tagging along.…
Sep 17
Woman Accused of Eating on the Job – But Not Her Own Lunch
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An employee of a grocery store decided to serve customers at the deli, while serving herself, as well! It was discovered that the employee had been stealing deli meat from the store for years, totaling $9,200 worth of meat! The eight-year employee admitted to the theft as soon as she was confronted, but they didn’t know how far back it had went until they did their research! The loss prevention manager received a tip about an employee nibbling on slices of meat at the deli every day. Turns out, it was about three to five slices, over the course of…
Sep 15
Woman Crashes, Flees Police Carrying A Baby
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Police in Texas were involved in a high-speed chase that exceeded speeds as high as 100 mph! Crazy enough, though, that wasn’t even the main issue with this chase. Turns out the driver had a baby with her! After crashing into another vehicle, she ran across the street with the baby in her hands. Police deployed a tire deflation device that disabled the front tire. She quickly lost control of the car and crashed into the vehicle in front of her. Catilyn Rodriguez, 29, was seen pulling the baby out of the back of the car, which was caught on…
Sep 13
Guy Swipes Hearse, Gets Unexpected Passenger
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A guy in Mexico thought it would be a good idea to steal, of all things, a hearse! So he probably shouldn’t have been too surprised when he later learned that there was a corpse inside! The hearse was prepared to take the body of an 80-year-old man from a hospital in a neighboring town to a funeral home. But this guy had different plans. Annibal Saul, 40, saw the keys in the vehicle and decided to take it for a spin. Police were notified of the missing hearse and they spotted it along a highway. They were able to…
Sep 4
Burglar Busted in His Underwear Outside Apartment
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A suspected burglar was recently arrested outside of the apartment he robbed wearing only his boxers. Apparently he was too lazy to get dressed to rob this place! Police were called to the apartment and when they arrived, they found Joseph Donald Whipple, 24, outside wearing only his underwear. The occupant of the apartment told the cops that he woke up to find the patio door of his apartment open, and their TV and sound system outside the front door. That’s not a very good way to come out of a deep sleep! The victim also found a pair of…