Aug 30
Homeless Couple Arrested for Theft from Local Walmart
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A man and a woman were recently arrested for stealing several items from their local Walmart, but they definitely had a crisis of conscience before going through with it. Unfortunately, they went against their better judgement and committed the crime anyway. A 32-year-old man and 28-year-old woman stole gel pens, bluetooth speakers and a cell phone repair kit from the store and tried to stash it in a backpack. They were spotted passing all of the cash registers without paying for the items and an asset protection manager stopped them before they headed out the door. In total, their binge…
Aug 29
Man Passes Out in McDonald’s Drive-Thru, Cops Find 96 Grams of Meth
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Police saw a man passed out while waiting in a McDonald’s drive-thru, so they thought they would check out the situation and see what was going on. Imagine their surprise when they found and seized 96 grams of methamphetamine in the man’s possession! No wonder he was passed out! When the cops spotted him sleeping behind the wheel while in the drive-thru, they thought they might have a case of drunk driving on their hands. After all, it was around 2 o’clock, in the morning. But when they woke the guy up and asked him to step out of his…
Aug 28
Man Flees From Police in Canoe
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A man in Michigan tried to evade police who raided his marijuana growing operation by paddling away in a canoe. That’s right, a canoe! It didn’t work, though, because he was quickly arrested. Hendrick J. Westers, 60, faces multiple drug and resisting arrest charges stemming from the raid. Evidently, when he realized what was going on, he hopped in a canoe and paddled out to the middle of a pond that was located on his property. Where exactly did he think he was going to go? Eventually, he had to return to land, which is when he was arrested. While…
Aug 21
Fire Truck Stolen After Break-In at Fire Station
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Anyone hanging out in York County, Pennsylvania recently and spot a reckless fire truck driving around? Don’t worry, it wasn’t the firemen behind the wheel. The truck was stolen from the fire station and now the police are investigating what happened. The fire station reported that someone broke into the station and stole a full set of gear, as well as the rescue truck. “If anyone saw this unit being operated in a reckless or erratic manner, we apologize. At the time we were unaware that it had been stolen,” their Facebook page said. The fire truck was eventually found…
Aug 21
Pilot Crashed Plane Into His Own House After Fight With Wife, Dies
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Looking to get back at your significant other after a big fight? Most people wouldn’t consider taking their plane out for a spin and crashing it into their own home while their wife was still inside… this man meant business! Duane Youd, 47, was involved in a domestic violence incident and was booked into the local jail the night before the incident. He made bail and returned to his home after midnight, along with an officer, to gather belongings and his vehicle. Soon after, around 2:30 am, he flew a twin-engine Cessna 525 straight into the house. The crash caused…
Aug 13
Why Did She Jump Off Bridge? She Was ‘Very Drunk’
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A Maryland woman was charged with intoxicated public disturbance and disorderly conduct after jumping off a bridge after having a few cocktails. Brooke North, 39, jumped from the bridge and the Coast Guard and Maryland Natural Resources Police were dispatched immediately. Searchers looked in the area for several hours, but were unsuccessful in finding anyone in the water or along the shoreline. Hours later, however, responding officers were called by people who were passing a gravel parking lot. There, the people said they found “what appeared to be a highly intoxicated female, in a bikini, stumbling around in the gravel…
Aug 9
Teen Burglar Woke Couple for WiFi Password
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This older couple woke up in their home to quite a terrifying surprise. A stranger was in their bedroom asking them questions! A 17-year-old burglar who had a garment over his face woke up the 60-something residents. Why? To ask them for their WiFi password, of course. Instead he got a pass straight out of their house. Luckily, nobody was injured and the only thing missing from the victims’ home were two kitchen knives. The police responded quickly to the scene and were able to arrest the suspect a block away. Because he is still a minor, his identity has…