Jul 31
Guy Charged After Getting a Little Too Buff at Gym
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This guy stripped down naked before doing his workout at the gym, but his reason why still has us baffled. The man told the cops that he thought he was in a “Judgement Free Zone.” Eric Stagno, 34, was arrested and charged with indecent exposure, lewdness and disorderly conduct for taking off all of his clothes and exercising at his local Planet Fitness. We’re wondering how many people really minded this free show! According to the cops and witnesses, he walked back and forth and started doing multiple poses on a yoga mat. That must have been quite the sight!…
Jul 30
Man Bites Cab Driver, Hits Him With Bolt Cutters and Flees
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This cab driver definitely had a rough shift up in Anchorage, Alaska recently! He was bit by a passenger, then attacked with bolt cutters in a gas station parking lot. Turns out the suspect, Justin Saunders, 37, ran into a nearby restaurant with the bolt cutters and was hiding in the bathroom. The police quickly put two and two together and found their man fast. As the police were getting ready to corner Saunders, he ran out of the restroom, ignoring the police calls to stop. He ran through the restaurant, back into the kitchen and crashed into a wall…
Jul 26
Drunk Driver Arrested After Going Wrong Way On Interstate.
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When you go the wrong way through the HOV lane of an interstate, it doesn’t bode well for you. Sure, people always make mistakes, but it didn’t take long to realize this driver was drunk on a Houston freeway! The Houston Transtar camera captured this driver in the middle of the night going outbound in the inbound HOV lanes. Police in the area were made aware of the situation and chased him for about 10 miles. While they were following him, he continued to slow down and speed up multiple times, as well as swerve into different lanes. Deputies finally…
Jul 24
Conch Hunt Gets Tourist Over 2 Weeks Jail Time
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A Texas woman is preparing to spend 15 days in jail for getting a little overzealous on a seashell hunt while she was in Key West. Diana Fiscal-Gonzalez, 30, took 40 queen conchs from the waters around Key West and planned on cleaning them up and giving them away as gifts when she got home. Little did she know this was extremely illegal to hunt for state-protected mollusks. After a tip from an anonymous caller, an officer showed up at her residence and arrested her. The police officer stated that when he arrived at the house, he saw a woman…
Jul 23
Man Who Secretly Recorded Women Meets Karma
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This guy is truly disgusting, but he sure thought he was being stealthy and took it to a whole new level! This 32-year-old creeper invented a shoe camera so he could look up and take videos of women under their skirts. But he ran into some bad luck when he went out for a test run with his new device. The battery blew up on his shoe and ended up injuring his foot and derailing his whole scheme! Talk about karma! He sought out medical treatment for his burns and when asked about what happened, he suddenly had an explosion…
Jul 20
Subway Rider With Risky Strategy Gets Arrested
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Some people will do anything for a thrill! In New York City, Isaiah Thompson, 22, took it to a whole new level and decided to surf the subways in the city. Thompson was caught on video riding on the outside of a train. Officers went to his home and charged him with reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct and creating a hazardous condition. How did they catch him so quickly? The video definitely helped, but it’s also at least the fourth time this daredevil has been busted riding on the outside of a train. He was arrested 3 times back in 2017…
Jul 16
Woman Wielding Machete Forced Ex to Have Sex
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A woman who already had a history of domestic violence against her ex-boyfriend was charged after she allegedly got a machete and forced her ex to have sex with her or she would kill him. Yikes! Samantha Ray Mears, 19, faces six charges, including aggravated burglary, assault with a weapon, unlawful restraint, partner family member assault and two counts of criminal mischief. This is all on top of charges she received a couple months ago, including felony strangulation for allegedly assaulting the same victim. The ex told police that he came home and found Mears in his house, coming at…
Jul 12
Man Released From Jail is Rearrested After Failing to Pay for His Cab Ride Home From Jail
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Sometimes you have to wonder just how stupid criminals are. Here is another example of one who had just been released from jail, then bailed out on his cab fare home! Charles Folk had just been released from jail and hailed a taxi to take him on a 30-mile trip home. He told the driver initially that he would be using a credit card to pay for the fare once they arrived at their destination. However, once they arrived, he suddenly didn’t have the money for the fare! He checked with his sister and his roomate who were at his…
Jul 9
Mom Shoots 46-Year-Old Son After Fight Over Cell Phone
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This Florida mom was going to demand respect from her son, no matter how old he is or what lengths she had to go to! 66-year-old, Priscilla Ann Ethridge, was arrested for shooting at her adult son, while yelling “I’ll be damned if I let him have the last word,” following a fight they had over a cell phone. Kids these days… Evidently, they were fighting over her cell phone, which the mom thought her son had stolen from her, despite his repeated attempts at telling her he had nothing to do with it. Of course, after all of the…
Jul 5
Man Attempts to Rob Bank, But There Was No Cash
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Police in Hoboken, New Jersey apprehended a suspect, who allegedly tried to rob the tellers at a local bank recently. Only problem? None of the teller drawers had any money in them. Robbery attempt foiled! Officers responded to a panic alarm that was set off by the tellers, but the suspect had already fled the scene. Early attempts to search for the man were unsuccessful. The tellers at the bank told the cops that the suspect came into the building and gave them a note that demanded money in different denominations from their drawers. But they had a harsh truth…