Jun 29
Attempted Truck Thief Fails to Get Out of Driveway
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An attempted truck thief had his whole plans foiled when he couldn’t figure out how to make a simple three-point turn! Security cameras outside the home in Pennsylvania caught the whole thing! A video posted to YouTube by the local police department showed a man trying to steal a pickup truck, which had been left unlocked in the driveway with the keys inside. Probably not the wisest move on the homeowner’s part! However, the man couldn’t figure out how to make a three-point turn around a car that was parked behind the truck, and instead kept hitting the other vehicle…
Jun 26
Woman Comes Home From Work, Finds Pot Party With Cake
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Four people have been accused of breaking into a woman’s home. While they did steal a pair of shoes, they are also accused of smoking pot and baking a cake while the woman was at work. Jeremiah Garib, 19, Xavion R. Elkins, 20, and two juveniles were found running out of the woman’s house as she came back from work. Luckily, the resident was able to positively identify Garib as an acquaintance of her son, who wasn’t at home. They didn’t, however, have permission to be in the house. After getting home from work, the owner discovered that she’d interrupted…
Jun 20
New Orleans Coroner Employee Caught Dealing Heroin from Morgue Van
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An employee with the New Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office was not only fired, but arrested! He was accused of dealing drugs and admitted that he had been using his city-owned morgue van to buy and sell heroin. Rodney “Sugar Man” Robinson, a familiar figure at crime scenes around the city for years, landed his job at the Coroner’s Office despite a prior conviction for dealing drugs. Guess he is a creature of habit! He also kept his job after he was accused of robbing a woman of her jewelry in the past, as well. Robinson, 60, and several other men,…
Jun 18
Disgruntled Employee Hired Homeless Man to Commit Robbery at Restaurant to Teach Boss a Lesson
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You have got to be REALLY unhappy with your job if you go to such lengths to teach your boss a lesson! Apparently, her boss continually sent his wife to open the restaurant where the employee worked, while he stayed home. For whatever reason, that really set this employee off! Chanh Tran, 47, felt that the owner’s wife was being taken advantage of, and she finally had enough of it. “It was not fair to make his wife work more, and possibly was dangerous for her,” Tran told the police of her motive behind the planned robbery attempt. To get…
Jun 12
During Home Burglary, Robber Steals Deodorant
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Recently, a homeowner came home to find a stranger leaving his house with a handful of stolen items. Never something someone wants to come home to! Jason Thomas, who already had a warrant out for his arrest due to a probation violation, immediately dropped the stolen goods and ran when the homeowner yelled, “What the hell are you doing?!” Among the items he dropped were speakers, mail and Old Spice deodorant. Interesting choice, but we guess he just wanted to make sure he smelled his best for his new roommates once he inevitably arrived in jail! He also dropped his…
Jun 8
27 Rabbits Abandoned at Train Station
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Authorities recently rescued more than two dozen domestic rabbits that were found dumped near a Long Island Train Station. Poor little bunnies! The animals were seen hopping near the station and volunteers worked into the evening to collect all of the bunnies. Twenty-five were saved the first day, with three more found the following day. Unfortunately, one appeared to have old injuries and died after it was saved. The domestic animals otherwise would certainly have faced death, since they were ill-equipped to survive in the wild, let alone a train station! “I don’t think any of them would have survived.…
Jun 5
Cops Find Man Trying to Get to Brother’s Coffin
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A man was recently found digging up a grave to recover a gold cross that had mistakenly been buried with his murdered brother. That takes some commitment! Police were called to the cemetery in the middle of the night after someone spotted the man digging up the grave of his dead brother, Hector “Ricky” Apodaca, 30. Back in February 2017, his brother had been shot multiple times in the head and left on the side of a road, where a passerby later discovered him. Andrew Phillip Gilbert, 24, pleaded guilty to the murder and was sentenced to 18 years in…
Jun 1
Beer Coozie Causes Major Disagreement, Ends in Assault
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Don’t mess with a man’s beer coozie, because apparently, you just don’t know what will happen! In this case, an argument turned physical after a disagreement happened over a beer coozie. So bad, that assault charges were filed. Robert Hanik Jr., 23, has been charged with aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person after the beer coozie incident went down at a local bar. Turns out, the victim’s father went to the cops to file the complaint, because his son was in the ICU as a result of the attack! According to the victim, Hanik and him were in a…