May 30
Teen Turned in by Mom After Stealing From Blind Guy
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This kid’s mom was having none of shenanigans or his illegal behavior. So what did she do? She turned in her own 14-year-old son when she realized he stole a blind guy’s wallet. Turns out this kid posed as a New York City police officer and snatched a legally blind man’s wallet at a subway station, while pretending he was actually helping him. The boy approached the 64-year-old man, identifying himself as an officer and offered to lead him through the station to get to his train. Instead, the teen quietly unzipped the man’s backpack and took his wallet, all…
May 29
Woman Finds Body in Trunk of Her Towed Car
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Imagine the surprise of this car’s owner when she went to the towing company to pick up her car that was towed, just to find a dead body in the trunk! That’s not something you want to get involved in! It was discovered that the body was that of Diabulo White, 43, and the cops have arrested a 48-year-old man on unrelated charges, but consider him to be a person of interest in White’s death. The car was towed by the company after it was found on private property by a resident who didn’t know what it was doing there.…
May 21
Woman Takes Dispute With Cable Guy to New Heights
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This cable company employee had quite the view of the city recently, albeit a scary view, when a woman underneath his work truck turned it off while the employee was working in a lift. The 59-year-old woman ended up stranding the employee in mid-air after they had an argument over cable! She also took “utility property” before walking away. The employee was able to flag someone down for help and the police were contacted. The woman was eventually found and arrested. She was charged with harassment, false imprisonment, disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing. She was released from custody with a pending…
May 18
Arrested: Man Mowed Someone Else’s Grass While Drunk
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We don’t know about you, but if someone is going to mow our yard for free, drunk or not, we may just take them up on it! A man was recently arrested and charged with operating while intoxicated, but he wasn’t driving a car, he was driving his riding lawn mower! Barry Ridge, 46, was pulled over by police when they spotted him driving his mower down a county road. They had just received a complaint from someone who was mad that Ridge had driven onto their yard and started mowing the lawn! When police pulled him over, they noticed…
May 14
Odd Behavior Leads to Arrest of Man for Super Glue Huffing
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A grown man was reported by multiple people to the cops recently, after he was displaying “odd behavior” in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. Brian Zielinski, the suspect, refused to stop walking away when police approached him and the cops noticed that he was “talking incoherently and appeared to be under the influence of some type of inhalant.” Turns out they were right! After they were finally able to stop and search Zielinski, they found two bottles of super glue in his front pants pocket, along with a sunglasses case containing small light bulbs with a straw attached to the end of…
May 11
Man Punches 80-Year-Old School Crossing Guard in Face
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A man was arrested recently after hitting an 80-year-old school crossing guard in the face, which caused the poor guy to fall to the ground. Why? Who knows! William Anthony Vindigni, 36, walked up and struck William Reynolds in the face while Reynolds was minding crossing two elementary school children. Luckily, the children were uninjured, but Reynolds sure got the surprise of a lifetime! Vindigni fled on foot, but was located by police a short time later, where he resisted arrest. He grabbed and pinched a deputy on the back of her leg during the struggle, which didn’t win him…
May 8
Cops Barge in on Bondage Class After 911 Call
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Well this must have been a very interesting call for cops to make! Cops in Germany recently raced to an apartment after they got an emergency phone call about a suspected domestic abuse case from a worried neighbor. The neighbor called saying that two guys were in the nearby apartment abusing a half-naked woman. They got more than they bargained for when they barged into the room, though! They walked right in on some classic Japanese bondage! Turns out the tenant was in the middle of teaching a couple the ins and outs of erotic bondage - Japanese Shibari style!…
May 7
McDonald’s Monopoly Cards Stolen in Armed Robbery
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We all love to play Monopoly when it comes to McDonald’s, but we never thought it would be the source of a robbery by men armed with knives! A suspect was dressed in a hooded top, white gloves and black pants when he entered a McDonald’s recently. He started waving a knife at the staff and took boxes of Monopoly cards and vouchers that were behind the counter. Unfortunately, nobody has able to apprehend him so far. “Although he had his face covered, it’s possible that someone may recognize his clothing, or may have heard someone talking about this specific…
May 2
Driver Flips Off Police Cameras, Gets 8-Month Jail Sentence
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Let this be a lesson… if you get caught making rude gestures to speed cameras, you may just land yourself in jail. Timothy Hill, 67, was caught flipping off the cameras three times in less than a week and now has found himself in jail for eight months. That seems steep, but to be fair, police did find out that he had a device in his car that allowed him to jam the cameras. Once he knew that the cops were onto him, he tried to destroy it, but it just didn’t work out in his favor. He initially lied…
May 1
Woman Gets 18 Months for Bizarre Urine Swap
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Cheaters never prosper! A woman found out she was going to be spending 18 months behind bars after swapping urine samples in order to pass a drug test. However, that’s not where this story ends… not only did she swap out urine samples, she swapped out a sample that was positive for drugs! Kiana Walls apologized to the court for her actions, but the judge wasn’t hearing any of it and sentenced her to 18 months in jail. The judge also warned her to not make a mockery of the drug and alcohol testing system. “Let me get this straight,”…