Apr 25
Burglar Breaks into Home, Rents it Out
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A man is currently facing charges after he broke into a home and created an elaborate scheme to swindle renters out of money. Matthew Robert Paul, 35, is facing charges including theft and obtaining a signature by deception. About a year ago, he broke into a home, knowing that the owners were on an extended vacation in Mexico. Instead of stealing anything, though, he started moving stuff in! He hung framed pictures of himself on the wall, lit the fireplace and even checked references to appear legit to rent out the house to victims. He simply found the spare key…
Apr 21
Ironic Payback When Robbers Watch Cash They Stole Fly Away
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Sounds like these robbers got exactly what they deserved recently when surveillance video showed money falling from one of the robber’s pants and blowing away in the wind! The cops got a chuckle watching him scramble in the street, trying to pick up his diminishing haul, while his buddy chased after the blowing cash. On St. Patty’s Day, two men went into a travel agent’s office and threatened the staff while demanding money. The employees handed over the cash, which the robbers crammed down their pants before taking off down the street, where they headed towards a car. Unfortunately, while…
Apr 19
Angry Driver Disrupts Police Camera from Clocking Speeds With an Umbrella
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People felt all sorts of emotions when it came to a man blocking a police camera with an umbrella recently. By holding the umbrella in front of a police camera, he was able to stop motorists from getting caught if they were traveling too fast. In the video, he’s seen holding up a black umbrella in front of the camera, while passing motorists had differing opinions on his methods. Some were egging the prankster on by yelling, “Yes! That’s what we like to see!” But not everyone was so excited by what he was doing. Another passerby yelled out, “There’s…
Apr 9
Car Thief Finds Baby in Stolen Car, Hands Infant to Gas Station Employee
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This car thief got way more than he bargained for when he decided to steal a car! When he realized there was a baby in the backseat, he stopped at a gas station, where he handed the baby over to an employee while yelling, “Take the baby! Take the baby!” Footage at the gas station shows the suspect pulling up to the gas station in the early morning. He is seen unstrapping the baby from the car seat in the back of the car, running towards the gas station to hand the baby over and then back to the car,…
Apr 5
Man Stuffs Stolen Exotic Fish Down Pants
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You never know what will float someone’s boat! But apparently, this guy in Florida clearly has a thing for exotic fish! He was recently accused of stealing the fish from a pet store by stuffing them down his pants. Yuck! Cruz Orlando Garcia, Jr. entered the store with his girlfriend, Crystal Dixon, who acted as his accomplice. While Dixon distracted the clerk, Garcia, Jr. stole Electric Blue Acaras and Blue Ram Cichlids. The fish cost between $18-$20 a piece. “The boyfriend came to this fish tank over here, pointed at a fish and said, ‘Oh, that’s a really cool fish’…