Mar 26
Wanted: Florida Man Steals Peacock; Chased by Angry Birds
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Police in Miami, Florida are looking for a man who went into a neighbor’s yard and stole his peacock. That’s right! A peacock! It was all caught on camera, where it shows a man in a red shirt run into the backyard of the neighbor’s home and grab the bird. He carried the peacock under his arm, but not without getting chased down by all of the other peacocks that also happened to be in the backyard! Don’t mess with this flock! Residents in the neighborhood admit that they aren’t wild about all of the peacocks this homeowner has, but…
Mar 23
Wanted: Couple Accused of Stealing $20,000 Worth Of Vitamins
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The cops are looking for some input from the public in trying to identify a couple who are suspected of stealing over $20,000 worth of vitamins! Justin Pederson, 39, and Anita Thompson, 37, are suspected of targeting stores across Washington state for the last few months. And they have their whole plan down to a science! Evidently, their strategy is to walk into a grocery store, put a large amount of expensive vitamins in a reusable grocery bag and walk right out the front door. Doesn’t seem like too elaborate of a plan to us! “These types of organized retail…
Mar 22
“Gumball Bandit” Steals Gumball Machine from Animal Shelter
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An animal shelter in Sacramento, California was robbed by an an inadequate ‘gumball bandit’ who kept hitting problem after problem when trying to steal a gumball machine. They shared a video on Facebook, which showed a man crawling into the facility at the bottom of a door. He attempted to stuff the large gumball machine through the same hole, but faced his fair share of issues in the process. He ended up breaking glass surrounding the gumball compartment and spilled gum all over the floor, which just made things more difficult in his efforts to steal the gumball machine in…
Mar 20
Men Chase Down Teen Car Thieves, Force Them In Trunk at Gunpoint, Drive them to Police Station
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These adults took things a little too far and ended up getting arrested themselves, when trying to stop teenage car thieves. The trio chased down two 14-year-old boys who they suspected stole a car and forced them into the trunk of their own car at gunpoint. They then took them to the local police station, but got into a little trouble themselves when the cops saw the boys in the trunk. Kenyatta Ware II, 21, George Barnes, 29, and Sheila Beale, 49, were all arrested and charged with felonious assault and kidnapping. They remain in jail as they await their…
Mar 15
Woman Attempts to Steal Friend’s Identity by Poisoning Her Cheesecake
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With friends like these, who needs enemies?! A woman in Brooklyn was recently busted for poisoning a friend, who just so happens to look like her, with a tainted piece of cheesecake. Why? So she could attempt to steal her identity once she was dead! What a friend! Viktoria Nasyrova, 42, was arrested and jailed without bail for her little ploy, which also involved creating a cover-up to make it look like her “friend” attempted to commit suicide. Heartless! “This is a bizarre and twisted crime that could have resulted in the death of a woman - whose only fault…
Mar 14
Drunk Man Blacks Out, Takes $1,600 Uber Ride
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A lot of people do dumb things when they’ve had a few too many cocktails. Maybe take a drunken late-night Uber ride to a fast food restaurant or another bar… However, this guy took the blackout Uber ride of a lifetime! Kenny Bachman was on vacation, out with his buddies all night partying in West Virginia recently. After a long night of partying, he decided to call an Uber to take him back to where he was staying a few miles away. Imagine his surprise when he woke up next to the Uber driver and he was HOME... as in…
Mar 7
Parents’ Valentine’s Day Cookies Made Daycare Workers High
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Cookies recently dropped off by a parent as a Valentine’s Day treat at a daycare ended up leaving about a dozen workers feeling high. Two workers reported feeling woozy, while about another ten experienced less intense symptoms. Luckily, no children ate any of the cookies, as they were left on a staff room table that the kids didn’t have access to. However, the daycare in Maine called the police, who seized the cookies for testing. The cookies haven’t yet been officially determined to test positive for drugs, but if they do, the parent who brought them will more than likely…
Mar 4
Wanted: Couple Used Fake Money at Local Waffle House
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The cops are looking for a couple who recently went in for a nice breakfast at the Waffle House in Biloxi, but didn’t end up paying. Well, they kind of did, using counterfeit cash. It was an early morning meal, around 4am, when a man and woman ordered food and paid their bill with a fake $100 bill. Unfortunately, it wasn’t discovered to be fake until after the couple had left. Surveillance video and pictures show the suspects, along with the car that they left in, but so far, no arrests have been made. Original article: Couple Wanted for Using…