Jan 29
Couple Steals Credit Card from WalMart, Uses Scooters to Escape
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Police in Pennsylvania are looking for two people who stole a woman’s credit card at Walmart and escaped in the slowest method of transportation… scooters! And they still got away! The pair took a woman’s credit card, along with some cash after she lost her purse at Walmart. They proceeded to make several purchases using the credit card before their not so quick getaway. The cops released surveillance from the store of the couple, who were seen on electric scooters slowly moving through the store. A picture of the pair’s car, a Subaru station wagon, was also produced when the…
Jan 27
Brothers Fight Over Cheesecake, Now Faced with Domestic Violence Charges
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Two men are facing domestic violence charges after fighting over a piece of cheesecake… and they are brothers! Police were called to a disturbance at a residence where the brothers lived. When the cops arrived, the older brother, 24, was still holding the butcher knife he used to cut the dessert. It all started when they began arguing over who was going to get the bigger piece of cake. The victim told police his brother punched him in the face and busted his lip over it and he felt threatened by the knife. The older brother claimed he was just…
Jan 22
Man Applies for Job with Police, Discover He’s a Wanted Criminal
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If you had robbed a bank, would your job of choice be at a police station? Probably not! However, that’s exactly what Alberto Saavedra Lopez, 32, did! He had worked at the Bank of America branch in Phoenix, AZ, when his manager suspected that he had stolen $5,000 over a 3-month period. Before they had a chance to fire him, he quit and refused to answer any calls or questions pertaining to the theft allegations. The lucky duck seemed to have gotten away with it. Maybe he’s a gambling man on top of a bank robber, because he decided to…
Jan 19
Drunk Man Arrested For Blocking Holland Tunnel… Asleep in Car
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Police arrested a drunk driver who happened to be sleeping in his car. Unfortunately, he was also blocking the traffic trying to move through the Holland Tunnel! A police officer was exiting the tunnel when he saw the traffic jam forming. He soon realized there was a man asleep in a Ford Explorer with the keys still in the ignition, the motor running and the car in gear! The driver had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, with an open bottle of wine on the floor of the passenger’s side of the car. His car was quickly impounded…
Jan 18
Man Marries Wife’s Daughter, Pleads No Contest to Bigamy
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In a story that will make you a bit disgusted, a man married his wife, then married her daughter a year later without being divorced. Christopher Hauptmann, 44, who also used Buckley for a last name, pleaded no contest to charges of bigamy, forgery, unsworn falsification to authorities and firearms charges. He has now been sentenced to a year minus a day to two years minus a day in prison, followed by 10 years probation. He was given credit for 332 days he has already been in jail, since he was unable to post bail. Hauptmann is prohibited from having…
Jan 14
Man with Green Tongue Arrested for DUI
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A man with a green tongue was pulled over and couldn't quite fight the conviction for driving under the influence of marijuana. Instead, he was pulled over for not using his blinker properly and was slapped with a DUI from a state trooper. If only Corbett had used his turn signal the way he was supposed to! Although Corbett registered no alcohol intoxication from a breath test, he failed field sobriety testing and showed clear signs of being under the influence, such as bloodshot eyes and a “green tongue consistent with recent marijuana use.” Corbett’s appeal came from the fact…
Jan 9
Man Beat Up ATM That ‘Gave Too Much Cash’
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Generally, people would be happy if their ATM started spitting out more cash than they requested, but not this guy! A 23-year-old man ended up punching an ATM because it was giving him more cash than he asked for and was eventually arrested after the attack caused over $5,000 in damage! That must have been quite the attack! Michael Joseph Oleksik was charged with criminal mischief after taking out his aggression on a Wells Fargo ATM machine. He can be seen on surveillance video pummeling the ATM teller’s touch screen. Soon after, Oleksik called the branch to tell them that…
Jan 5
Cops Plead For Help in Tracking Down $30,000 Worth of Veal
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You don’t hear of people stealing veal too often, but that’s what happened in Toronto recently! Police are now searching for information that may lead to the arrest of someone who stole “an extremely large quantity” of veal on Christmas Day. $30,000 of veal, to be exact! A refrigerated trailer that was filled with the veal was taken at a commercial building sometime over the course of Christmas Day, when the business was closed. And of, course, people had a field day with this on Twitter. One man stated, “I guess you could say these guys are the veal deal.”…