Dec 29
5-Year-Old Boy Calls Cops on Grinch Who Stole Christmas
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In a sweet story over the Christmas holiday, a 5-year-old boy in Mississippi called 911 to hopefully prevent the Grinch from stealing Christmas. Even better? The police made an arrest! TyLon Pittman, 5, watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas and decided it was time to take immediate action to save Christmas this year. So he called the police to report the intentions of the mean Grinch. You can imagine this 911 dispatcher’s surprise! The dispatcher finally got TyLon’s dad on the phone, who had no idea what the boy was up to. “Boy, you better stop watching so many cartoons!”…
Dec 27
Neighbor Steals Gold Bars After Helping Elderly Couple Move Them
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When a hurricane is coming and you are frantically trying to make plans to evacuate, you may miss a few things here and there. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to this elderly couple. Cynthia Copley, 70, and her husband, 69, were busy trying to get out of Hurricane Irma’s path this past September and needed some help moving $26,000 in gold bars that they had stashed for their retirement. Because their loved ones were busy helping everyone else, they asked their neighbor to help them and didn’t think twice about it. The gold bars were hidden in a cat litter box…
Dec 14
Fake Cop Scams Coffee Shops to Give Him Free Coffee
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A man from Buffalo was charged with impersonating a police officer. Why? So he could get the law enforcement discount at a local Starbucks. Hey… some people will do anything for a freebie! 48-year-old Mark Stetter went into a Starbucks and displayed a fake badge, along with a gun in a holster attached to his belt. He was determined to get that discounted cup of joe! He told the barista that he was a detective and demanded a discount. Probably not the best way to go about it, but what do we know?! He must have been feeling pretty good…
Dec 11
Uber Driver Tapes Drink-Fueled Rant, Dallas Prosecutor is Fired
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A prosecutor in Dallas, Jody Warner, was recently fired from her job in the District Attorney’s office for a fight she got into with an Uber driver. Even though she apologized and admitted she was wrong, there was no turning back. Shaun Platt, 26, was driving Warner home from a bar in East Dallas when Warner became more and more upset when Platt wanted to take a different route from how she believed they should go. “She kept saying she’s an assistant DA and said, ‘Who are they going to believe, you or me?’ and I said, ‘You know what?…
Dec 9
Naked Man Arrested After Stealing & Crashing Two Cards
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Police officers just never know what they are going to find… which held true recently, as they arrested a naked 23-year-old man who crashed not one, but two cars, after carjacking the vehicle and attacking one of the drivers… naked! Kyle Alexander carjacked a Honda Pilot at a hotel, but first met up with the police earlier that morning after he was attempting to sell tools out of the back of a pick-up at Home Depot. When the police questioned him, he said he was homeless and needed money. Officers let him know that soliciting without a permit is illegao…
Dec 6
Butt Dial Gets Adults Busted at Teen Party
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When you’re drinking with a bunch of minors, it’s only fitting that they are the ones to get you busted! A party was broken up when a kid accidentally pocket-dialed 911. When they showed up to the residence, they found an underage drinking party in full effect! Talk about irony and karma! A teen called police on accident, where a dispatcher could hear yelling, along with arguing on the other end of the phone. But nobody was talking. Soon, the call was disconnected. Police, using cellphone towers, found the location. When they pulled into the driveway, Leighlon Anderson, 45, came…
Dec 2
Gamblers Cheated with Radioactive Playing Cards
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Check out this major scheme that took place over in Europe! Police figured out that playing cards were being tampered with in order to give certain players an advantage in a gambling scheme. They figured out a big one! Police raided a Berlin restaurant after they did their due diligence and discovered playing cards that had been laced with a radioactive substance. Who even thinks of these things?! Detectives spent months uncovering the scheme. They believe players were able to wear a hidden detector on their bodies, which would then allow them to recognize certain cards because of the radioactive…