Nov 27
Woman Uses Drive-Thru to Burglarize McDonald’s
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Here comes the real-life Hamburglar! A woman, who has yet to be identified, drove through a McDonald’s drive-thru recently, and leaned in to fill up a soft drink. While she was at it, she decided to climb through the window, steal cash, along with a large box of food from the restaurant. All of it was caught on a comical surveillance video. Oh, and it all took place while the restaurant was closed! The video showed her taking the drink and a large cardboard box and it appeared she spent about half an hour in the the McDonald’s restaurant. The…
Nov 26
Employee Robs Own Branch of Bank, Arrested Later While Working at Different Branch
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This woman thought a pink floral nightgown and some black lipstick would be enough to conceal her identity, but she was sadly mistaken! Former colleagues recognized her right away, as she stole $126,000! Latasha Gamble, 24, robbed a Chase Bank branch and was charged with robbery. She was taken into custody soon after her heist while working at another Chase Bank branch. When Gamble entered the original branch, she was “fidgeting” with dog biscuits they give to customers’ pets and a former colleague spotted her right away and knew something was off. She walked to a teller window, where she…
Nov 22
Nude Man Caught Burglarizing Home
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Police in Florida arrested a man after he ran into a house naked and tried on women’s clothes. Just your typical day involving weird Florida crime! “There’s a naked guy that ran in my house!” the homeowner yelled during a 911 call, bright and early in the morning. The man ended up in the bedroom, where he grabbed women’s clothing and started trying them on. The occupant ran out of the house to alert her stepson, who lived next door. “I was in my garage and heard a car speeding backwards into our long driveway. He stopped, jumped out of…
Nov 21
A Car Full of People Crashed… Then Things Got Weird
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Imagine the surprise of the police when they showed up at the scene of a car accident and found five naked people which also involved a kidnapping! That’s what happened recently in Canada. A man, woman and six-week old child were kidnapped by an unknown number of people at their home recently and forced into the vehicle’s trunk. It appears to be premeditated and that “all parties” knew each other. While the car was driving down the road, the man was able to escape. Shortly after, the woman and baby managed to get out, as well. “A passerby offered assistance…
Nov 14
Man Uses Pepper Spray Can to Open Beer, Gets Movie Theater Evacuated Instead
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Who in the world would attempt to open a beer with a can of pepper spray? Evidently, someone in Germany! Emergency responders showed up to a movie theater in Germany when a 29-year-old man tried to get beer open with a can of pepper spray. But instead, the bottle cap tore a hole in it causing the contents of pepper spray to go throughout the theater, which then had to be evacuated. Firefighters deemed the theater unable to reopen and it remained closed for the rest of the evening. Talk about a hack gone wrong! Luckily, there were no serious…
Nov 14
NYC Lincoln Center Fountain Water Turned ‘Gatorade’ Yellow
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A prankster got the last laugh after he dyed the water of the New York City’s famous Lincoln Center fountain an electric yellow color, similar to the color of Gatorade! Passerby’s posted photos and videos to social media after the water mysteriously turned a bright shade of yellow on a recent Saturday afternoon. Lincoln Center said it appeared to be the work of an unknown prankster, who used a water-based yellow dye. “The fountain is being cleaned. Our security team notified the NYPD,” a Lincoln Center spokeswoman said. So far, no arrests have been made. Original article: Prankster Turns Famed…
Nov 7
Woman Arrested for Robbing Bank while 6-Year-Old Waited Outside
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Parenting at it’s finest right here! This woman in Long Island was recently arrested after robbing a bank. However, her 6-year-old daughter was right around the corner waiting in the getaway car! Diana Marini, 28, passed a note to a teller inside a bank demanding cash. She ended up grabbing an undisclosed amount of money, ran out of the bank and got into a waiting taxi… and a waiting child, but cops caught up with it quickly. They definitely didn’t expect to find Marini with her 6-year-old daughter inside of the cab! She was eventually charged with robbery and endangering…
Nov 3
Police Called for Shooting, Discovered it was Video Game
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The cops had no idea what kind of gruesome scene they were about to walk in on when they were called to a home in response to a shooting. What they encountered was definitely unexpected! Police received a 911 call, where the dispatcher could hear a man saying in the background that he was shot. “I’m going to shoot you,” another person on the line said. Someone else quickly screamed, “I’ve been shot in the back!” However, when the police arrived moments later, the only injuries they saw, along with weapons of any kind, were all on TV. “It looks…
Nov 2
Man Steals Ambulance to ‘Put on a Show’
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Adam Zaharick, 29, admitted to stealing an ambulance, where he used it to steal oxycodone from a CVS Pharmacy. He also admitted to recklessly driving to the pharmacy, hitting vehicles and failing to stop at several stop signs on his wild adventure. Zaharick was admitted as a patient to the hospital and received medical treatment for an unspecified issue. Afterwards, he went off on a tangent, escaped from the hospital and stole the ambulance as his get-away car. Zaharick finally crashed the ambulance into a yellow pole in front of the CVS Pharmacy. The ambulance had been parked at a…