Oct 30
Screaming? No, Officer, I was Singing
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This man doesn’t understand why he’s in so much trouble. After all, he was doing nothing more than singing along to one of his favorite songs in his own car! Taoufik Maolla, 38, got a $149 ticket for “screaming in a public place.” He was shocked and upset. Moalla was on his way to a grocery store to buy water and popped in none other than C+C Music Factory’s ‘Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)’. Soon, he was singing along, minding his own business and enjoying every second of the 1990’s dance track! But four police officers quickly circled…
Oct 25
Meth Quality Under Par, Woman Calls 911
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A woman in Montana called in to report that she had purchased some “bad meth.” Apparently, it left a “bad taste in her mouth.” Who else should she complain about her meth to but the local authorities?! An officer was quickly dispatched to the home of the woman, Margery Ann Dayrider, 33, to see what was going on with her bad reaction to the meth that she had injected. Dayrider told the cops that she “believed she got some bad meth and was having a bad reaction to it, with vomiting, tingling tongue, and a bad taste in her mouth,”…
Oct 23
Suspect Wanted for Stealing American Flag
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Crime Stoppers in Southwest Florida is looking to the public to help with identifying a suspect who did something pretty reprehensible. A man arrived at the entrance of a neighborhood and cut down an 18’x12’ American flag valued at $800, that was displayed on a pole. It appeared to take the man about 15 minutes to accomplish this task by using a knife that was attached to a stick. He cut the lines that held the banner before fleeing the area on foot with the stolen flag and rope. Turns out the suspect thought he must have left something behind,…
Oct 13
Man in Minnesota Arrested for 28th DUI
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This man clearly doesn’t care how many times he gets busted for drunk driving. He is apparently has no plans to stop anytime soon! Danny Lee Bettcher, 64, was busted for the 28th time for driving while intoxicated, just adding to the state record that was already attributed to him. He was charged with felony-level drunken driving and also refused to submit to a preliminary breath test. How is this guy even out on the streets still?! Not only is he out on the streets, he actually has a valid driver’s license! While it is restricted, he still was able…
Oct 12
Truck Accidentally Crashes into Front Yard, Father and Son Shoot it Up
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Nothing like a little family bonding time by shooting up the pickup truck that accidentally crashed into your family’s front yard! It’s even better when you both can get arrested together and go to jail! Mike and Dillen Sanderson, 50 and 18-years-old, respectively, were armed with a .22-caliber pistol and a .40-caliber Glock, when they unloaded at least 10 rounds at the Chevy as it attempted to speed away from the home. “The guy emptied a clip at me!” Adam Smith, 29, told the police. Smith claimed to be exhausted as he was coming home from his second job, when…
Oct 10
Bank Teller Admits Stealing $185K From Homeless Man
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While stealing from the homeless definitely puts you in a lower class of humanity, we’re also wondering why a homeless man is carrying around $185,000! A bank teller at Wells Fargo, Phelon Davis, 29, stole more than $185K from a homeless customer who came in and tried to deposit a garbage bag full of cash into his account. But it was a two-year operation that only recently came to light! Davis has pleaded guilty to one federal count of interstate transportation of stolen property, which holds a a prison term up to 10 years. The victim was only described as…
Oct 8
Slacker Robot Takes a Swim Instead of Patrolling Office Building
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As smart as robots are supposed to be, this one’s reputation has been slightly dampened! An autonomous 300-pound robot, that patrols an office building in Washington D.C., met his demise when he tumbled into a water fountain. Looks like he was too smart for his own good! A Silicon Valley business, Knightscope, developed this K5 machine and has had success with it up until this point. But recently, one was patrolling the Washington Harbour complex in Georgetown when it fell down the stairs and landed on its side in the water. Nobody was injured and Knightscope will replace the ‘droid…
Oct 3
Mayor Charged with Public Intoxication Near Local College
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Well, this is embarrassing! Virginia Mayor Randy Foley, 48, was arrested and charged with public intoxication at around 3 a.m. recently, right outside of Roanoke College. Foley, who is in his third term as Mayor, said that he had been at a friend’s house and was stopped while walking through the campus on his way home. While he apologized to the community and to his family, his ego suffered more than anything else! “After an evening at a friend’s house celebrating my alma mater’s football win, I realized I shouldn’t drive home. I chose to walk home and take the…
Oct 1
Train Surfer Busted on Camera, Arrested
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Talk about extreme sports! This guy was recently arrested in Australia after being busted clinging to the back of a speeding train, via a camera! The video was posted to Facebook and showed the guy holding onto the back of a speeding commuter train. “The train had been stopped at a station when we first saw the guy riding on the back,” a witness said. “We slowed down a bit, so the train could get ahead of us again, than I captured the footage. Commuter trains in this area tend to travel at speeds up to 70 mph. This daredevil…