Mar 24
Nap Time During This Criminal’s Mug Shot
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Christopher Shirley, 20, was found sleeping inside his truck outside of a Walmart in Porter, Texas recently. The only thing is that his truck happened to be backed into another car, according to police. He than proceeded to fail a sobriety test and managed to fall asleep as he had his mugs hot taken! Whoops! Shirley was charged with driving while intoxicated. Read another bail bond blog: Man Sentenced to Probation in El Paso Motorcyclist’s Death Original Article: Suspect Falls Asleep During Mugshot: Cops
Mar 24
Man Sentenced to Probation in El Paso Motorcyclist’s Death
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Jaime Lopez, 38, pleaded guilty to intoxicated manslaughter in the death of motorcyclist, Oscar Ceballos, 50, on I-10. He will have to serve 180 days in jail with 10 years probation. El Paso Police said that at about 2:45 a.m. Ceballos was riding a motorcycle and struck a police car that was being used to close lanes due to an earlier crash. Ceballos was thrown from his motorcycle and landed in the far right lane. As an officer approached Ceballos, Lopez struck the same patrol car, then veered into the same line, hitting Ceballos and causing him to die at…
Mar 24
El Paso Police Officer Dies in Service
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The death El Paso police officer Adrian "Curtis" Arellano is a sobering reminder of the risks police officers take each day, even in what seem to be routine assignments. Arellano was working off-duty as part of a motorcycle escort protecting a funeral procession. Arellano’s fellow officer blocked the intersection of Yarbrough and Edgemere and Arellano proceeded ahead with lights and sirens flashing to block the next intersection when a driver of a Honda Civic drove into his path. And in an instant, a 10-year veteran of the El Paso Police Department lay dying. Arellano, 39, leaves behind a son and…
Mar 23
Facebook Felonies: Fugitive Looking to Get Social Gets Caught Instead   
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Another felon is caught by the web of social media! Once again, people’s desire for social media attention outlasts their desire to remain hidden. These type of people would NOT fair well in a game of hide and seek. A man in Idaho was wanted by the police for violating his probation. He decided to post on Facebook that he was heading over to the park for some batting practice. Little did he realize that by posting his status on Facebook he was letting law enforcement know where he was going to be and when he was going to be…
Mar 13
Crime Boss Killed in Mountain Shootout
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The suspected leader of a local crime group was killed in a shootout with Chihuahua state police. Bernardo Portillo Torres, 24, was a suspect in the deaths of three victims who were found in a burned pickup. The bodies have not been identified but are speculated to be three Urique police officers recently abducted by gunmen. Bernardo and his brother Benito Portillo Torres were suspected of running a drug gang nearby where the shootout occurred. Authorities said Bernardo was killed in a gun battle that engaged when police tried to pull the brothers vehicle over. Benito Portillo and the others escaped.…
Mar 10
Dave Chappelle is Coming to El Paso
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Dave Chappelle is coming to El Paso! The entertainer is set to perform at 7 p.m., March 31, in the Abraham Chavez Theatre in Downtown El Paso. Tickets, which cost $57.50, are currently on sale at the Plaza Theatre Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets, by phone at 800-745-3000 or online at While the comedy star has been in a number of feature films and sketches, it was his own television series,  "Chappelle's Show" that put him on the map. After 2 years, he left the show, only to have it continue to run on television networks worldwide. Comedy Central…
Mar 5
El Paso Detectives Seeking Help with Unsolved Homicide
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The El Paso County Sheriff’s Department needs your help in solving the death of a woman found on Halloween 2014. 49-year-old Hilda Monge’s body was found in a desert area east of Anthony, Texas, near the Franklin Mountains. Her autopsy says that she was stabbed several times on her head and back. She was last seen on October 20 wearing two watches, black sweat pants and a black pullover T-shirt with the phrase, “Dream without fear, love without limits.” The El Paso Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone who had contact with Monge between October 20 and October 31 to contact Crime…
Mar 4
Man Arrested After Paying Taxes with Folded Dollar Bills
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In Wichita, Kansas a man was paying his property bill of $600 at the Wichita County Courtroom Annex when he was asked to leave because he was disrupting the tax office. Clever, and seemingly spiteful, 27-year old Texan, Timothy Andrew Norris, was sticking it to the system by paying with individual dollar bills – folded so tightly that it was taking tax office personal 6 minutes to unfold each one. If you do the math that adds up to over a week of unfolding bills. When asked to leave, Norris refused and was eventually arrested and charged with trespassing. He…